The Rebel Press Independent Media Network

A Rebel Press

A "Rebel Press" is one who attempts to be an alternative to the large media conglomerates' monopoly on mass communications which give a false illusion of diversity in a market dominated by few companies that dictate the content on everything from music, tv shows, news, advertisements, and even "education". While their purpose is standardizing "culture" and shaping public opinion - in their interest, our goal is precisely the opposite; challenging the status quo and swaying public opinion against them.

This type of media thrives on a consumerist attitude and a client-vendor relationship with their audience, offering little more than entertainment, sensationalism and dumb-down generic news. Our approach is a more community-based media with stories relevant to our neighborhoods, lifestyle and realities.

We, The Rebel Press, are an independent media network formed by people of diverse backgrounds who seek to provide information and share the stories that come from our under-represented communities. We stand strong against commercial and mainstream media, whose message is controlled and conditioned to the interests of multinational corporations. Our only commitment is with our peoples and the principles of social justice and truth in the media.

We seek to build ties with other alternative, grassroots, and independent media outlets to strengthen an autonomous, global network of groups and individuals against this corporate media machine. We believe that strength comes through unity thus we promote self-reliance and encourage the community to take the media into their own hands in order to document and speak of their own realities. We advocate for growth and collaboration amongst the different individuals, activists, artists, and collectives working with different mediums such as but not limited to: press, radio, video, photography and the web.