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Demonstration At The Orange County Superior Courthouse Anticipating Upcoming D.A. Reports On Latest Anaheim Police Shootings

Dozens demonstrated at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana this morning in anticipation of Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas’s, upcoming report on the killings of Manuel Angel Diaz and Joel Acevedo by Anaheim Police last summer. The families of Diaz and Acevedo foresee another “justified” ruling, just as previous officer-involved fatal shootings have been found.

The peaceful demonstration began around 9AM this morning outside the Superior Courthouse located on the 700 West block of Civic Center Drive, in Santa Ana. Some of the victims’ mothers stood outside the building holding pictures of their loved ones with messages such as, “District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Supports Killer Cops.”

At the beginning of the demonstration, an Orange County Sheriff Deputy explained that the family was on “private property” and that they had to move onto the sidewalk. A few minutes later, the same Sheriff, who refused to be on camera, attempted to obtain one of the mothers’ information, claiming it would help to “control the crowd”, even though some supporters assured the official they were there as individuals.

The demonstration then continued without any other interruptions as some of the victims’ family members expressed their feelings towards another “justified” killing.

“They’ve gotten away with too many murders,” explained Manuel Diaz’s grieving mother, Genevieve, “We feel he [district attorney] is going to justify the murders of Manuel Angel Diaz and Joey Acevedo, we are here because the D.A. is justifying each and every killing in Orange County.”

“Its always something, its always one-sided,” expressed Joel Acevedo’s mother, Donna, “They only take witnesses that prove their side but they don’t even listen to any other witnesses- with my son, there were people videotaping and taking pictures and the police were shinning lights on them so they would be unable to get any footage of it.”

The families expect the D.A.’s reports to be released soon and express they will continue to fight for justice for their loved ones.