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Woman Shot To Death In Santa Ana By SAPD

A woman was shot to death by two SAPD officers this Sunday morning in an alley on the 800 block of S. Townsend St. In an interview with mainstream media, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, SAPD Public Information Officer, stated that, “We had two officers, each in their car, in the east alley of 800 south Townsend. They ended up confronting a female who was in possession of what we now know was a replica gun. An officer involved shooting occurred. The details of why, we don’t know yet. That’s what’s being investigated.” Bertagna said.

The identity of the woman is yet to be released by the authorities.

Sunday evening, neighbors gathered at the scene of the shooting to erect a makeshift altar. A neighbor, who spoke to The Rebel Press in condition of anonymity, said he heard the officers giving orders to the woman and almost immediately a sequence of numerous shots. He also counted up to 8 bullet shells in the floor before the area was cordoned off by the police.

Several impacts of stray bullets could be seen in the garage buildings adjacent to the alley.

This is the fourth victim of the SAPD this year, the prior three being: Binh Van Nguyen, killed January 11, Jason Hallstrom, killed March 15, and Gerardo Ayala, killed May 30th. Also, the significance of this incident lies in the fact that it’s the first female victim in recent cases of police killings in Southern California, which include at least nine from last month; all of them males.

The occurrence comes less than a month away of the protests and other actions being prepared in Anaheim in the first anniversary of the deaths of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo at the hands of the APD, and will likely fuel the energy in communities that seek justice for their loved ones who have been killed by police officers.