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22-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed By Santa Ana Police

Santa Ana Police shot and killed whom friends have identified as 22-year-old, Kevin Arellano, earlier this afternoon. The shooting took place today around 3:00 PM near the S Harbor Blvd and W McFadden Ave intersection in Santa Ana, California.

Santa Ana Police Department’s Corporal Anthony Bertagna stated that officers “approached” the man following a “disturbance call.”

People who were present during the shooting report that the police was called from the nearby McDonalds restaurant. Some of Arellano’s friends stated that an officer “Sanchez,” or “cusser,” as he’s been nicknamed by some of the locals for his routinely, explicit choice of words, was first to arrive on scene and escalated the situation.

It is unclear what events took place next, but witnesses explain that Arellano was then shot by a female officer next to a “Jugos La Tropicana” juice shop located on the 622 block of South Harbor Blvd.

Some of the victim’s family had waited at the scene for hours only to be turned away without any answers. At around 8:00 PM this evening, one of the officers on scene directed the family to the Santa Ana Police department located at the Civic Center Plaza to meet with the coroner to help identify the body.

The Santa Ana police department has not released further details regarding Arellano’s shooting.

It is reported that Kevin was homeless and had been harassed by officers the day before he was killed.

This is the fifth victim of the Santa Ana Police Department this year, the prior four being: Binh Van Nguyen, killed January 11, Jason Hallstrom, killed March 15, Gerardo Ayala, killed May 30th, and Jessica Gonzales, killed June 23rd.