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Two Years of The Rebel Press

2013 was marked by a high number of deaths at the hands of the police, but also by a growing number of people who are not satisfied with the official, and usual, explanations of why their loved ones were killed and are increasingly challenging the District Attorney’s clearings of killer officers. This movement of families of victims of police brutality in Southern California seems to be consolidating, slowly, but firmly, and gain more supporters and sympathizers as they rotate their protests to different cities where killings have happened. An example of the convocation power these crusaders have, is a series of conferences and protests throughout the year in the cities of Oxnard, Anaheim, and Sacramento where hundreds of people met to network with others and discuss strategies to continue with their efforts against the blatant impunity that killer police officers enjoy.

The following video shows some of the highlights of last year’s people’s struggle for justice.