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Family Demands Answers Over Fatal Shooting of 28-Year-Old Unarmed Man by Paramount Deputies

Many questions are surrounding the recent killing of 28-year-old Oscar Ramirez by Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies a few days ago. There have been few details explaining what led to the deputy-involved shooting that took Oscar’s life.

According to officials, last Monday afternoon around 2:30 p.m., a Paramount High School Resource Deputy informed nearby deputies of a pending fight between two 14 and 20 year-old males. They stated that an “informant” then reported that one of the individuals was armed. An L.A. County Sheriffs Department Information Bureau (S.I.B.) release only indicates that a responding deputy then “saw individuals who matched the descriptions and attempted to make contact with one of them at which point, a deputy-involved shooting occurred.”

According to the release, the “suspect was hit and pronounced dead at the scene” while there were no “additional suspects outstanding.” It also described that no handgun had been recovered despite officials executing a search well into the night.

The lack of details over the incident and Ramirez’s family’s chronicle of events, however, raises problematic questions on the official narrative of Oscar’s death.

Family explains that a detective and several deputies visited Oscar’s sister’s home looking for Oscar that day. The visit however, happened around 9:30 P.M., several hours after Ramirez had already been shot down by deputies.

“They still hadn’t told us that they had shot my brother,” explained Oscar’s sister, “I told them Oscar lived with my father and then they asked for his address. I asked them if my dad was in any trouble, but they just said they just wanted to make sure my dad was okay.”

When arriving at the father’s home, officers proceeded to search through Oscar’s belongings, still without informing the family of Oscar’s death.

“They kept looking for a supposed gun,” explained Oscar’s father, “They kept looking and looking and didn’t find anything.”

“When they went to my dad’s house and looked through Oscar’s stuff they didn’t have a search warrant,” added Oscar’s brother, Diego, “They also didn’t let us know that they had already killed him (Oscar).”

The family was not made aware of Oscar’s death until the following morning around 10 a.m.

One local resident explained that the school was put on shut-down during the event and that an automated phone message was delivered to parents’ homes indicating there was a search involving an “armed suspect.”

Further controversy grew out of Ramirez’s shooting after Oscar’s friend, Joel Ortiz, who witnessed the shooting, also explained that he was interrogated by officials for five hours following the incident, seemingly attempting to be forced into a confession.“They killed him and they wanted to blame us for it,” shared Ortiz with local media, ”but we didn't’ do anything, they [deputies] killed him.”

Another friend also shared troubling details about a recent run-in with local deputies. He explained that about a month prior to the shooting, Oscar and some friends were harassed by several deputies while gathered in the nearby Paramount Park.

One of the officers asked me if I knew him and said, ‘My partner doesn’t like your friend, one of these days he’s gonna end up shooting or killing him.’

“He [Oscar] just kept walking when they started asking us questions,” shared Oscar’s friend, “He knew he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t talk to them [deputies]. One of the officers asked me if I knew him and said, ‘My partner doesn’t like your friend, one of these days he’s gonna end up shooting or killing him.’”

With more questions and no clear answers, the Ramirez family has immediately banded together and along with community supporters, as well as other victim’s families, have demonstrated against the Sheriff’s department, demanding answers over the killing of Oscar Ramirez.

“I constantly see on the news innocent victims killed by cops that I became immune to it like it’s the norm,“ shared Oscar’s brother Diego through a social media post describing his and his family’s commitment to finding answers over the killing of their loved one, “After what happened to my brother I intend to fight for justice for anybody who has had a loved one killed by cops. Shit has gotten out of line. I made an observation, now I have an obligation. My sweet brother I will make sure that you didn't die in vain. God give my family strength and hope for justice.”